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How We are Different

Hygienically Clean 
Highest Integrity in Our Marketplace
in Stain Removal

Hygienically Clean 

Contrary to popular belief, not all laundries are considered hygienically clean.


Dirty Laundry Linen Service is a Hygienically Clean Laundry.

What does Hygienically Clean mean?

  • Hygienically Clean means that the environment is conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially by being clean; sanitary.  


 What makes DLLS Hygienically Clean?

  • Hot Water (150 + degree) = Sanitary linen

    • Each time we process your linen it goes through intense heat to kill bacteria, remove all impurities, and minimize staining

  • Clean = Free from dirt, marks, stains, pollutants, or unpleasant odors

    • Precision chemical formulas are utilized based on linen type, soil level and color

  • Disinfection = Bacteria destroying

    • Every cart goes through a rigorous cleaning process where they are

      • Disinfected after soiled linen is removed

      • Prepped for fresh, newly processed linen to be stored in

  • Newly processed linens are either

    • Covered with a cart cover

    • Individually wrapped in plastic

Highest Integrity in Our Marketplace


Relationships! We focus on building relationships with each and every customer. 


Our team emphasizes getting the job done right. On the rare occasion when we miss the mark, we correct our errors.

For fuller understanding of how we achieve this, see our 11 Points of Culture. 

Redundancy Equals Dependability


At DLLS all essential equipment is duplicated.


Redundancy greatly reduces any interruption in service. For examples or further information, please call us. We would love the opportunity to share more with you. 


Experts in stain removal

All linens are inspected by team members after the initial wash. If stains are visible, those items enter our REWASH protocol. 


Our team is trained in the art of stain removal to ensure unwanted discoloration of the linens during the stain removal process (REWASH). DLLS team members implement unique techniques that are formulated to remove or reduce existing stains by utilizing specialized chemicals, stain removers and precise water temperature controls. With our unique processes, 90% of stained linens sent to us are reclaimed and re-introduced to the customer's inventory. 

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