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Hygienically Clean Certified


Dirty Laundry Linen Service is a Hygienically Clean Certified member in good standing for 6/2021-6/2024. TRSA’s Hygienically Clean Hospitality Certification recognizes companies commitment to cleanliness through third-party, quantified biological testing and inspection. TRSA’s Hygienically Clean programs focus on outcomes, validating products and processes, verifying your clean textiles meet appropriate hygienic standards and best management practices. View certification.


DLLS Clean Laundry Assurance Plan: A declaration to go over, above and beyond to provide fresh, hygienic linen that you feel confident about.


The health and safety of our Team Members and Customers is one of our top priorities. During this COVID 19 crisis we have been working diligently to ensure each of our Team Members remain healthy while working in our Laundry Facility by implementing some safety precautions to diminish potential health risks.


We are also working towards a Hygienically clean certification through the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) which would provide the assurance to our customers that we operate to maximize competitiveness and credibility by receiving third-party verifications that conform to internationally recognized standards for clean product quality.


To ensure that all linens continue to receive premium care while eradicating any chance for cross contamination, DLLS has implemented some new standards along with enhancing existing standards. Below you will find heightened measures and standards taken while our team members are caring for your linens:


Our Team:


  • Temperature checks upon arrival

  • Hand Sanitizing stations throughout the plant

  • Bathrooms cleaned and disinfected daily

  • Common areas cleaned and disinfected daily




  • Our Tankless water heaters deliver a consistent 160 degrees to the washers

  • Gloves are worn to load soiled linen into washers

  • Washer fronts are disinfected after soiled linen is loaded

  • Carts are disinfected after soiled linen is removed

  • Hand sanitizer is used after gloves are removed

  • Sodium Hypochlorite (Chlorine bleach) is used for disinfecting all white linens

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (color safe bleach) is used for disinfecting all colored linens




  • Dryer temperatures are set at 170 degrees

  • Tables are disinfected after each customer




  • Ironer temperatures are set at a minimum of 310 degrees

  • Feeding tables are disinfected after each customer




  • Tables are disinfected after each customer


Pick up / Delivery


  • Drivers wear a mask and gloves

  • Clean linens are placed in a clean, disinfected cart and covered with a cart cover

  • Truck cargo areas are swept out and disinfected at the end of each day

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Highest Integrity in Our Marketplace


Our focus is on building relationships. We emphasize getting the job done right and on the rare occasion when that's not possible, we make it right.

For fuller understanding of how we achieve this, please see our 11 Points of Culture. 

Redundancy Equals Dependability


At DLLS all of our essential equipment is duplicated. Our redundancy greatly reduces any interruption in service.

For examples of this or for any other further information, please reach out. 


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