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Washing Machine Operator

Position Title:                        Washing Machine Operator

Position Schedule:                Mon – Fri, 2 shift start times (5am or 12pm)

Reports To:                            Production Manager

Salary:                                    Hourly [$16 - $18], based on experience

Job Summary:

The Washing Machine Operator (WMO) at DLLS is responsible for staying ahead of the production team to swiftly and efficiently wash linen so that there is 0% down time due to unclean linens.


This is an entry level position that will have the qualified employee completing various tasks such as starting up the plant, moving carts, sorting different linens, loading washers, washing linens, unloading washers, keeping customers linens separate utilizing tag tracking, using processes to wash smaller loads together, pre-spotting or soaking various linens, post spotting linens, keeping work area clean and sanitizing carts.


Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Clean department at the end of each shift as specified on closing checklist

  • Complete paper work for production tracking sheets

  • Punctuality in arrival to work and returning from break or lunch

  • Reliability in fulfillment of work shift and daily task responsibilities

  • Maintain 0% rating of downtime, injuries, or accidents

  • Load and unload conventional, industrial washers as linens or machines become available

  • Monitor load sizes for maximum washer efficiency

  • 0% co-mingling of customers linens

  • Sort linen by customer and washing specifications

  • Keep customers linens separate by using a tagging system

  • Keep a constant flow of work from the washers to the production floor eliminating down time

  • Communicating with the Production Manager to work quick turns and rewash into the daily Production Schedule

  • Completing production paperwork correctly

  • Following daily Production Schedule to ensure linens are washed in order listed

Qualifications Required:

  • Ability to read, write and understand all paperwork and customer labels

  • Basic math skills

  • Able to verbally communicate with team, team leaders and managers effectively, bilingual speaker is a PLUS!

  • Able to complete an I-9, providing required identification documents

  • Provision of bank account number and routing number for direct deposit

  • Able to log all activities during the day

  • Flexibility to work until all customers on the production schedule are completed

  • Able to work well with other team members

  • Dedication to working safely in your department and ensuring other team members also maintain safe working protocols

  • Diplomatic approach to resolving issues with team members or management

  • Capable of performing in a positive, professional manner with all team members and management

  • Have a basic understanding of and able to work with computers

  • Able to learn our inhouse laundry tracking system

  • Capable of lifting or carrying up to 100 pounds

  • Ability to push or pull carts weighing 300 - 700 pounds

  • Capable of following directions with ease

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