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Production Floor Lead

Position Title:                        Production Floor Lead

Position Schedule:                Mon – Friday, 7am - finish

Reports To:                            Production Manager

Salary:                                    Hourly [$15 - $17, per hour], based on experience

Job Summary:

  • Ensure departments are completing production paperwork correctly

  • Keep work stationed for each department to ensure no lapse in workflow

  • Verify each department follows the production schedule

  • Fill a Production spot for small increments of time to allow a team member to step off the floor

  • Ensure departments remove trash, clean, and sweep their areas at the end of each shift

  • Confirm punctuality in arrival to work and returning from break or lunch for team members

  • Maintain 0% rating of downtime, injuries or accidents

  • Reliable attendance, including punctuality

  • Works well with others to form a cohesive team

Qualifications Required:

  • Bilingual, Spanish & English

  • Minimum 1 year management experience

  • Minimum 1 year commercial laundry experience

  • Ability to read, write and understand all paperwork and customer labels

  • Basic math skills

  • Must provide bank account number and routing number for direct deposit

  • Uphold a level of flexibility in work assignments and work schedule

  • Aptitude to coach and train team to meet or exceed production standards

  • Capable of disciplining team members when needed

  • Ability to stay until all customers on the production schedule are completed

  • Ability to solve any production issues with other team members or management

  • Able to work in a positive professional manner with all other team members and management

  • Ability to work with computers to learn laundry and accounting software

  • Capable of lifting or carrying up to 50 pounds

  • Ability to push or pull carts weighing up to 700 pounds

  • Capable of following and giving directions with ease

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