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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

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  • How many days a week do you provide service?
    Dirty Laundry provides service with 2 daytime routes Monday through Friday, we also have a evening route that operates Sunday-Friday evenings.
  • What areas do you service?
    We serve the New Orleans metropolitan area, including Slidell, Covington, Hammond and Baton Rouge. We also service the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Hattiesburg.
  • Do you have a late evening/night route/delivery options?
    Yes, our evening route runs between 4-8 PM Sunday evening through Friday evening.
  • What is your minimum for pick-up and delivery?
    There is a $200 minimum for pick up and delivery.
  • Do you separate stained or damaged linen from the good linen?
    Yes, our team will separate the stained/damaged laundry and mark that package accordingly so that you can easily identify those items in your laundry upon return.
  • How do you handle laundry if it is still stained after the initial wash process?
    We will separate the stain laundry, bring it back to our washroom and re-process the stained laundry on our “reclaim cycle” which has a more aggressive chemical component and longer agitation time.
  • Are you able to remove difficult stains (red wine, wax, mildew, etc)?"
    Difficult stains are our specialty, yes we can tackle the most difficult stains out there. The only ones we know of that is impossible is the permanent color stay lipsticks and some makeup. Red wine, wax, mildew, food oils these we are sure that we can remove.
  • Are you able to process high quality (high end) table linens and bed linens?
    Yes, High end items are our specialty, it is what we do best and we strive to continue to provide that same high level of quality and service to all customers regardless of their linen brand choice.
  • What par-level is recommend for Bed Linen in the hotel industry?
    Industry standard is between a 3-4 par, it is best to maintain that for longevity of the hotels linen inventory and so there is not a constant pressure on the laundry vendor to flip the laundry within a 24 hour period every pick up.
  • Do you have the capability to press my sheets and table linen?
    Yes, we have our old trusty ironer that is perfect for bedsheets, pillowcases, and square and rectangle table linens. In addition to our new table linen ironer that is wide enough to accommodate up to a 132-inch round table linen flat, without having to fold it in half.
  • Can I specify how my laundry is folded and bundled?
    Yes, the only item that is folded mechanically is the bed sheets. Towels, robes, and other small items can be custom folded to the customers specifications.
  • What is your contingency plan if you have equipment downtime?
    Barring a major utility outage, all of our essential equipment is duplicated, 2-steam boilers for all of our steam equipment, 2-air compressors to operate all of our pneumatic components, 2-water heating systems, multiple dryers, ironers, washers and delivery trucks.
  • What are your payment terms?
    Net 15, for new customers a credit card on file and COD terms is required for the first 90 days of service.
  • Do you rent linens?
    We don’t rent linens at this time.
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